Janet Dwyer



Client: Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria
Artist: Tony Hunt Jr, Wolf Headress
Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria|Artist: Tony Hunt Jr, Wolf Headress Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria|Project: Spirits of Forest, Sea and Sky Catalogue|On Cover: Tim Paul, Kwii-cu-iik-nas
Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria|Malagans Show Catalogue|Cover by carver Ben Sisia Royal British Columbia Museum|Cover, Museum Publications Guide
Royal British Columbia Museum|Photography for exhibit catalogue Cover of Where Victoria Magazine|Wild Woman Mask by Richard Hunt
Steffich Fine Arts, Salt Spring Island|Photography for Tom Duquette Catalogue Greenstock Model: Coda Hyder|Stock photography sale
The May Street Group, Victoria|Project: Still photography for the film 'Smudge' Cover Shot|Beautiful BC Traveller Magazine
Robin Hopper, Victoria|Cover/interior photos of ceramic art for publication Cover of Ceramics Monthly Magazine|Vase by Robin Hopper